Anonymous asked: "Whats your favorite day of the week? How old are you? Whats your favorite role Maia has performed? Who is your otp? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Do you like raunchy songs? Does your place have a lawn gnome?"


My favorite day of the week I guess would be Saturday. I work from home and am not in college so weekends arent really super exciting like they use to be but Saturday’s are usually the days I have auditions and my friends are able to hang out.

I am 19

Callie on the Fosters as of now is my favorite role of Maia’s

I have alot but my first big and still a current OTP is Eclare on Degrassi

Well I will be 24 so i’d like to be living in California and continuing to act,if not already having some sort of moderate success and recognition for my work by then, I’d also hopefully have my future bulldog Sir Nigel by then. 

Well I like the song Anaconda and thats raunchy sooo yeah I guess if the beats good or its fun to dance too then the raunchiness doesn’t really bother me. I dont like seek them out and it isn’t like my favorite genre though.

Thats a really random question and now we dont have a lawn to put the gnome on soooo

Anonymous asked: "When do you feel most confident?"

Can I be honest? I always feel super confident when I am dressed as Kesha…sadly I can usually only do this on Halloween without getting weird looks (tbh though sometimes I dress up as her when I am at home for no reason)

I’ll be up probably for a while until my cough settles down anyways so ask me fun stuff!

Anyone know where I can download The Fosters episodes in good quality?

Prefer MP4 but can deal with other file types,no torrents though

Omfg all this time I thought we were on Season 2b…..the finale was the midseason finale

I was all worried about not hearing about a season 3 renewel but season 2 isnt even over yet lol.

I’m so late to the party but I just discovered Pandora and its my favorite thing ever

Its easier than making a playlist on itunes or youtube and I always listen to music when I work so its so much easier.


Wahhh I want my little sister to come over for the family BBQ but nooo she has stupid cheer practice :’(

She cheers too? That kids talented.


@thejillboard: Best friends ft. Beer


@thejillboard: Best friends ft. Beer


maiamitch: deep appreciation for each other


maiamitch: deep appreciation for each other