backtothedrawingroom asked: "I'll never get over the fact thr Bailee and jake are on the same show now and played the same character on Wizards of Waverley Place :)"

That is pretty funny! 

Anonymous asked: "How do people not know Bailee? She is the Dakota Fanning of her time and has been in several major motion pictures. She was THE child star and now is transitioning nicely into a career as a young teen."

I am sure they have seen her in stuff but just didnt know her name. I mean she has been in a bunch of movies and tv shows its unlikely that anyone hasnt come across her at least once. 

Anonymous asked: "Bailee was acting 7 years ago? What was she a fetus actress?"

Lmao no she was a 7 year old actress. My dad and I watched Bridge to Terabithia and that little girls crying scene broke our hearts. I decided to look her up and see if she was in anything else but she wasnt at that time. But I followed her career from Bridge to Terabithia up to now.

My dad and I always go see her films in theaters or rent them on DVD. He always says Bailee’s personality reminds him of me when I was younger. One of her films inspired me to get into charity work for a place called “Give Kids the World”

Also I always like to follow fellow Florida native’s careers. As a actress from Florida its always encouraging to see someone come into success who is from your home town.

Anonymous asked: "I like how Maia and David dont really ship Brallie but kinda do at the same time. It all depends on the day for them."

Yeah me too. I think David ships it more than Maia though or at least her used to. In the livestream from last night he wasnt to keen on them. Maia has always been 50/50 she likes them but would rather Callie be adopted.


i really hate sophia but bailee is such an amazing actress

like she had NO IDEA what sophia was going to do in that bathroom but she had a look on her face that was so determined and she seemed so sure of something and bailee didn’t even know what

she’s just amazing

Callie Jacob in ‘Someone’s Little Sister’


maiamitch: …and getting caught in the rain.


maiamitch: …and getting caught in the rain.

Are you fucking kidding


Brandon came SO FAR this season. As a separate entity from his Callie obsession, I actually started to like and respect him as a character. IMO, the Brallie relationship holds both characters back and stunts their growth.

For example: Callie gets screwed over. Callie runs to Brandon. Brandon is a weapon that she uses in her own self destruction. When her life suddenly turns to shit, she turns to him again. If you want to talk about Callie ‘using’ Wyatt, maybe the same standards should be applied here.

And this isn’t even about Wyallie. Am I pissed about how sudden the jump was? Break up with Wyatt, then one episode later it’s Brallie again? Well, yeah. But what I’m really mad about is that I was actually finally starting to like Brandon again, and I know that his Callie obsession is just gonna bring back that ‘me me me’ selfish attitude.

I HATED Brandon when he chased Callie. When it was his grandfather’s friggin’ funeral and all he cared about was their relationship. When he ‘didn’t want her dating anybody.’ When he acted so fucking ENTITLED to her or something. And even when she told him to back off, told him herself she needed a family, he would not back off.

I actually liked Brandon this block. But with Callie, he’s at his worst. They both bring out the worst, most selfish, self-destructive parts of each other and I absolutely hate it.

Agree but I also feel this post is very bias towards Brandon. I mean I agree with everything said but the kiss last episode was mutual and they are both at fault here. I have been growing to like Brandon but I am scared this will turn him back into that selfish entitled person he was before. I love how this whole season he was able to be there for Callie as a friend and brother.

Why I don’t hate Sophia


I think Sophia has severe depression and when she was around Callie it just didn’t hurt so bad. I think it was wrong what she but I also think she didn’t want the pain back so it made her impulsive. I believe she’s gonna start self harming because she hurt Callie’s chance to be adopted and she is mad at herself for being so selfish. I think Sophia was so scared of losing Callie she didn’t care if she lost her morals on the way.