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if there’s no brack kiss I’m suing

Anonymous asked: "You have gifs of interviews from Maia ive never even seen and are always posting rare Maia interviews and finding rare Maia stuff if ANYONE knows how Maia feels about brallie or anything else its probably you."


Makes me want to stab my eyes out when people are like “Well at least Brallie can be together if Robert takes Callie”


He is her father who never knew about her. Obviously he wants to take her in. And no offense but Maia said herself that she would want that to happen so Callie can be with Brandon in a s1 interview so news flash morons even Maia wants them together. Yeah we all want her to become a Foster family member but that might not happen.

NEWSFLASH Maia didnt even know about her dad coming back in season 1……..That script wasnt even written yet and even if she did know things were different back in the start of season 1….she hadnt bonded with the family yet and we didnt know everything about Callie and neither did Maia so even if that DID happen the situation is totally different now and opinions can change. She has grown to be a part of this family now.

Ive seen alot of Fosters interviews (almost every single one that includes Maia) and she is about half and half on Brallie. She kinda likes them and if the situation were different she would be all for it but she really wants Callie to be with the Fosters and Jude. She has said this MULTIPLE times. She has also said “On one hand I ship them but on the other hand im like NOOOOO HE’S YOUR FAMILY”

Also it doesnt matter if its her father she never knew about. She has a family now. Are you honestly telling me that if you found out you had a father and already had a loving home you would leave them and go live with your father you’ve only known a couple of weeks with a wife who is cold towards you and doesnt want you there and leave your brother whom youve grown up with behind? I dont think so.

Also if Maia were to leave the Fosters the entire show dynamic would change. Also Bailee has alot of movies she is currently working on so I doubt she would jhave the time to become a main cast member if Callie were to move in with them. The show is “The Fosters” not “The Fosters and the Quinns”. Even if she moves in with them for a little bit we all know in the end she will end up back with them because THATS THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE SHOW.

@maiamitchell: good morning

@maiamitchell: good morning


So I get their are a lot of people who are not big fans of Sophia’s I personally don’t mind her. I think she’s acting her age for someone in her situation of discovering she has an older sister she never knew but the main point I want to bring up was did anyone else get a bad feeling when she told…

ABC Family Quesions Content Warning: Rape


How is it that Dani goes to jail on The Fosters for the statutory rape of Brandon and Mr. Fitz, who stalked, lied, endangered, Aria and her friends, and repeatedly statutorily raped Aria, still hasn’t had anything happen to him?

Also how have these high school students had a deadly stalker for years and no one knows? Why all the psychological games, murders, and layers of intrigue, A… because Alison was mean and manipulative? That means other people needed to die?

So frustrated!

Shout out to Emily Fields, even though they killed her Black girlfriend. smh

Even though both shows on ABC Family they arent made by the same people so the storylines and issues will be handled differently.

But I agree that Fitz should have been in jail a long time ago.